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Arrow Okino Software Product Feature Comparisons

This table outlines the very basic differences between Okino's NuGraf and PolyTrans software products. NuGraf is the 'elder brother' of the more universally well known PolyTrans program. It has a fuller user interface designed for those that wish to spend more time within the software whereas the PolyTrans user interface was designed to be quite simple to learn and use. The PolyTrans user interface is basically the "Beginner Mode" of the NuGraf software. Okino only develops one program, NuGraf, but derives PolyTrans for ease of customer use. To read about the current main and shared feature list of both programs, please click here.

Please keep in mind that Okino primarily sells "CAD conversion solutions" which solve anything from common to very complex conversion problems of our core customers. We do not, in any regard, sell our software based on the user interface features listed partially in the following checkmark list. Many or most of the features listed in the following table are "nice to have" but have little to do with our software's usage as a primary CAD & DCC conversion system.

If you would like to upgrade to the current version then simply submit your serial number and name via this online form.

 Feature PolyTrans NuGraf
 More extensive and fuller user interface for 3D model manipulation/reduction/optimization, camera control, light manipulation and general ease of us. Split as 'Beginner' and 'Expert' modes.  Check
 Perspective matching algorithm  Check
 Lens Flare plug-in system.  Check
 Caustics rendering (via ray tracing) Online images: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5.  Check
 Full support of all of Okino's 3D import and export conversion technology, optimization systems and geometry processors. CheckCheck
 Hierarchy & parts count optimizers (the most important and critical aspect of Okino's 'stepping stone' CAD import process) CheckCheck
 Extensive model, mesh, hierarchy & part manipulation via global menu & per-instance 'right click' operations CheckCheck
 The Okino 'Spreadsheet Editor' for deep and direct access to every aspect of the model's 3D scene graph + execution of all Okino geometry processing operations on selected spreadsheet entities CheckCheck
 Triangle to quad polygon merging (enabled on each Okino CAD importer) CheckCheck
 Polygon Reduction System CheckCheck
 Spline shape & NURBS curve conversion engine CheckCheck
 Mesh skinning & skeleton bi-directional conversions between 3ds max, Cinema-4D, LightWave, Maya, Collada, DirectX, FBX and U3D CheckCheck
 Pixel-perfect camera lock-up between 3ds max, Maya and Lightwave. One of the hardest things to achieve properly. Customer approved. CheckCheck
 Photo-realistic scanline rendering and material editors (migrated from NuGraf to PolyTrans) CheckCheck
 JScript & VBScript scripting for import/export converters CheckCheck
 "NuScript" language for creating 3D scenes via scripting CheckCheck
 Plug-in modules from third party vendors and developers CheckCheck
 Data-centric system plug-in architecture which allows any type of third party plug-in module to be created and tightly integrated into the PolyTrans or NuGraf user interface (menus, custom toolbars, MDI document windows, .NET-style docking windows, Selector Window via panels, roll-up windows, and many more integration methods. CheckCheck
 Full featured OpenGL support, including NVIDIA & AMD pixel shaders, texture caches, transparency, gradated color backgrounds, real-time cubical & spherical mapping, bump mapping, and more. View the optons online: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 CheckCheck
 Realtime object collision detection & sliding CheckCheck
 Display of joints & bones for skeletons, plus controls for going to bind pose and showing NULL nodes as white squares. CheckCheck
 19 2D bitmap exporters (via multi-media server plug-in) CheckCheck
 23 2D bitmap importers (via multi-media server plug-in) CheckCheck
 G-buffer renderer channel output to PSD files CheckCheck
 Plug-in manager CheckCheck
 Integrated 3D SpaceBall & SpaceMouse interaction support CheckCheck
 .NET-style docking & MDI window forms, and open developer access via 325 function API. CheckCheck
 Interactive object & pivot point manipulation CheckCheck