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Okino's Online Order Entry Wizard

Thank you very much for your interest in ordering Okino software. The following order entry pages will prompt you for the desired products to purchase, your shipping information and credit card information.

Please make note of the following before you place the order:

  1. This is not an immediate download order system. The following wizard will allow you to compute the cost of different variations of Okino software, then to optionally submit your credit card and shipping information for product ordering. Your credit card will not be charged at the end of this wizard. Your order will only be processed once you press the final "Submit Order" button and it is received by our sales staff, who will then proceeed to confirm, validate and process your order.

  2. If you wish to purchase a product upgrade then please email with your serial number (found in the 'Help/About' dialog box of the stand-alone Okino software). Upgrade prices are based on when you had originally purchased the base package and any optional add-on modules. This order entry system is not used to order product upgrades.

  3. Orders are processed within 1 to 6 hours, depending on which continent you reside, Monday to Friday. Orders are most often also processed on Saturday and Sunday. A typical turn-around for processing order is generally 1 hour or less.

  4. All orders will be shipped electronically via 3 emails: one for the final invoice, one for the installation instructions and one to confirm the previous 2 emails (an anti-spam message).

  5. Please note that many CAD and DCC converter modules are sold separately from the basic PolyTrans and NuGraf packages. The demo version has all such modules enabled, but the demo version will explcitly show a dialog box when such optional modules are executed.

  6. Primary payment methods are by VISA, Mastercard and AmEx. Please email the sales department (shown at the right) for wire transfer and other payment information.

  7. Purchases will be charged to your credit card in Canadian dollars at today's exact exchange rate. For our American customers: an exchange rate is not a tax - US$ and CDN$ are not the same currency, but they are equivalent when multiplied by today's exchange rate. We do not charge any taxes or additional fees.

  8. No sales taxes will be applied to your order unless you reside in Canada.

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