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Arrow About Okino Computer Graphics

Incorporated in 1991, with initial software development dating back to the mid 1980s, Okino Computer Graphics has long been a primary pioneer, inventor and provider of high-end, mission critical 3D conversion software to the world's main engineering, aerospace and military companies; government institutions; and mid-level to high-end production companies.

Okino is an engineering R&D company run by engineering scientists and mathematicians, with a focus on 'mathematically perfect' 3D conversion software. We do not sell simple utility software but rather put specific and exact conversion 'solutions' in the hands of our professional user base. Some of our most popular sales are related to the conversion of SolidWorks, ProE/Creo, Autodesk Inventor, UG NX and (most other 3D file formats) into all of the common destation programs and 3D file formats. It is commonly stated by others that 1 in every 2 people within our industry either owns a copy of Okino software, has used it at a past company, or knows of someone who uses it.

If you are new to Okino and our software then please take a moment to read this page about what has made our software's usage so wide spread throughout the 3D industry.

Arrow Okino's Primary Software Product Lines

Okino Computer Graphics pursues research and development for three major product lines:

PolyTrans|CAD+DCC 3D Translation System

PolyTrans|CAD+DCC is the leading data translation system with many ten's of thousands of professional companies as its prime user base. Okino pioneered the entire pipeline and concepts of cross conversion between the MCAD, CAD, DCC and VisSim applications + file formats, well before the widespread use of PolyTrans made this commonplace. PolyTrans is simpler derivation of the NuGraf software package (without various added features).

NuGraf for CAD+DCC+VR Translation, Rendering, Viewing & Scene Composition

NuGraf is the 'elder brother' of the more universally well known PolyTrans program. NuGraf was designed to import/process/convert/view/render the world's largest of largest MCAD files, such as ultra-huge oil & gas rigs, LNG trains, 3D plants, etc. as well as function as the most accurate 3D conversion program on the market for its intended target user base.

NuGraf 3D Toolkit

Okino's core software technology has been packaged into our NuGraf 3D Toolkit since 1991, accessible via extensive and industry battle hardened APIs. This core technology forms the basis of all Okino software products. Specific third party developers can gain access to this technology via our Okino Pro|Server SDK interfaces and its related business model.

Arrow Okino's Company Philosophy

Okino's core and founding philosophy has been "one to one" personal customer relations and support, an often overlooked and neglected aspect of today's software industry, based on our customer feedback. Prior to every new sale we will always exchange at least 2-3 emails with our new users whereby we bring them up to speed on the 'correct' methods to convert their 3D datasets and to increase their awareness of the best methods to achieve their conversion requirements (80% of our new customers bring many well known misconceptions with them).

Our development company philosophy since 1991 has been to bring the fastest, most efficient and most technically advanced conversion software to our target 3D professional user base. This will not be evident to our new users just as one does not appreciate the engineering effort put into a high-end sports car during a quick test drive. Our software, in particular, excels at dealing with larger datasets that would otherwise just take down other 3D products.

Arrow Contacting Okino

NOTE: Email is always the most efficient and direct means of communication with us, as Okino internally runs on a wide-world business time clock, not a North American aligned time clock (our primary customers are in Germany, Austria, UK, Sweden, the Netherlands, Japan and the USA, all of whom can communicate with our same staff at some point during their world-wide business day). We do not work on a limited "9 to 5pm" work schedule relative to your local time zone.

For information on Okino's products and services:

Okino Computer Graphics

Mississauga, Ontario

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Support Email:

(905) 672-9328
(888) 3D-OKINO (Toll Free)