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Please fill out this short form and we'll email you the necessary information for updating or upgrading your Okino software package. Typical turn around times are a few minutes to a few hours. If you do not get a response within 12 to 24 hours then please check you incoming email's spam folder for our email response.

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Arrow Current Versions of Okino Software

The following table describes the current general releases of Okino software.

To determine the version of your software click on the "Help/About" menu item in the stand-alone PolyTrans or NuGraf software. Compare the version number against that in this table. You need not be concerned about the version of the 3ds Max or Maya plug-in modules because they always accompany the updates of the main PolyTrans or NuGraf software packages.

Product Description
PolyTrans (Standalone)

Version 5.6.0
The last of the 2 digits is actually the most important in Okino software. Okino does not sell a 'single shrink wrap' package, as some people are most accustomed to dealing with, but rather we sell several dozen different software packages all generally branded as 'PolyTrans' or 'NuGraf. It is the various modules you own, and the date purchased or last upgraded, that determines 'which versions' you own. Our precise database records will be used to determine your overall current upgrade cost (if any applies).
NuGraf (Standalone)

Version 5.6.0
NuGraf is our main development package whereas PolyTrans is a simpler, derived version. If you own NuGraf then you'll have 100% of the functionality of our PolyTrans package.
(plug-in system)
Okino plug-in module for Autodesk Maya. Supports Maya versions 2017 through to 2023. Requires the most recent stand-alone PolyTrans or NuGraf base package.
(plug-in system)
Okino plug-in modules for 3ds Max versions 2017 through to 2024 (or newer). Requires the most recent stand-alone PolyTrans or NuGraf base package.
SolidWorks CAD Import Converter

Up to the current version of SolidWorks
Please email for the current download information. You do not need to update the SolidWorks importer if you use "Automation" mode but you will need a yearly update when using "Display List" mode (the statistical upgrade period is roughly 2.5 years for most of our customers).

Arrow How To Obtain the Newest Okino Software Upgrades

To query about any upgrades needed for your existing license, please enter the following information and press the "Submit" button.

If you have not registered your product yet, please do so now with the online product registration wizard.

Serial Number     (in the format: D51-12345-ABCD-EFGH)

Quicker entry method: if you know that you have previously registered your software, and that registration information will be exactly the same as the information you enter into this form below, then you do not have to enter the '-ABCD-EFGH' portion of the serial number.

You can quickly cut-and-copy this serial number by choosing the "Show Serial Numbers Dialog box" from the "Help" menu inside of the stand-alone PolyTrans or NuGraf programs. Highlight the main serial number, press Control-C, come into this form, and press Control-V.

Serial Number: Enter the number which begins with letters similar to "D51-12345-", "D44-12345-", "N51-12345-", "N44-12345-", etc.

Contact person (required)

Organization (required)

E-mail (required)

** Comments

** We find that it is often important for each customer to explain what they are really looking for in this update request because we tailor the software to the conversion usage pattern of each customer. Please provide your comments, if deemed necessary. Some of our users do not actually want or need a software quote/update but rather are looking to re-install an older version, need help on a specific aspect of the software, or can't locate installation instructions or serial numbers. Your comments will help us provide the proper response on our first return email.

 I require PolyTrans-for-3dsMax v2024.
 I require PolyTrans-for-3dsMax v2023.
 I require PolyTrans-for-3dsMax v2022.

 I require PolyTrans-for-Maya 2024.  
 I require PolyTrans-for-Maya 2023.  
 I require PolyTrans-for-Maya 2022.  

 Please send the newest PTC Granite v15 (June 2023) CAD import plug-in modules (Granite/Pack license), or maintenance renewal information.
 Please send the newest Siemens 'JT Open' v11 CAD import/export plug-in modules, or maintenance renewal information.
 Please send the newest DWG/DXF CAD import plug-in modules (CAD/Pack license). Note: the more logical method to import from AutoCAD, Navisworks, Revit and Autodesk Inventor is with Okino's DWF-3D importer rather than DXF or DWG.  

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