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Okino has never believed in using customer testimonals to sell our software solutions. Rather we sell our software based on our intense, hand's on, one-on-one customer communications and on the perfection offered by the conversion process. Being Canadian, we are overtly modest people and had waited 32 years before we were willing to put this short list of customers testimonals online.

However, in this new world of social media where everyone often have their own opinion, often set their own reality and where product perception can easily be swayed by a swarm of online trolls, we wish to set out our own (true) reality of how Okino actually works with our excellent user base.

These unsolicited customer testimonals are provided to help convey the core Okino philosophy that our "customer education comes first and foremost". Those who initially approach Okino are probably expecting a simple one paragraph response from some sales person, a tech support person or some non-informed intern about "what to buy". Rather, when warranted, we most often pen an indepth, carefully worded and well thought out "mini university lecture" to define some important prior history, the problem at hand and how a conversion process should properly proceed.

Arrow 102 Testimonials Relating To Our Customer Communications

Schneider Electric USA

I've never experienced this level of detail in pre-sales help. You've made us customers for life.

Dell Computers

I'm blown away by your excellent communication, and unbelievably prompt customer service. Your professionalism and knowledge always impress.

Caterpillar Logistics Services, Inc.

I've spent the last half hour telling people in my office how brilliant your team is.

Gegenschuss Filmproduktion

Thank you for your great support. I have frankly never experienced this high level of commitment for customer satifsfaction!

Joey Bluebird Studio

Your tech support is the stuff of legend.

Boeing Defence Australia Ltd (SAL)

Support from Okino's CTO is second to none. Their in-depth background knowledge of how various file formats have evolved is staggering. The software has proven its worth across many jobs here at my desk time and time again.

BAE Systems USA

You are awesome! I have never encountered such quick and knowledgeable technical support from a company.

NASA - Imagery Integration

I've never received such prompt and direct customer support. I have a personal appreciation for the complexity of software development and did not expect a response to my comments. Your work is much appreciated.

R2S Visual Asset Management

WOW! This is the best answer in any email I have ever had! Thank you for taking the time to go into such detail about everything!

IBM, STI Design Center

This is the best customer service I have had in 18 years of programming.

Siemens Germany AG

Our VR/AR project progress was stuck because of our complex model (which we ultimately needed to bring into Microsoft HoloLens). Your personally suggested "game plan" and your effort to help convert & optimize the model were significant to develop our app into the "fair trade" status. This is the first time in my engineering history that a person was so helpful.

Otter Products

As always you're customer support is like no other!

Schneider Electric France

I always wondered how such a powerful tool could come with such a good price. The next mystery for me will be how you can personally support all your customers!


You create bad habits with your customers! I no longer search for info; I just ask you :-) Thanks as always for your fast and very informative question.

Moving Bits

My experience with Okino has been great. There's no other company out there that works with their customer on such a personalized basis, nor a company out there with a similar outlook on customer service and product development. Okino's CTO and his team went out of their way to look through my sample files, and gave me all the information I needed to make the right choices and ask the right questions when sourcing for models from the client. This went on presale and postsale. I'm very impressed by the dedication and passion displayed by the staff at Okino. I dont think theres any company out there with a similar outlook on customer service and product development.

h:h:m:h Designstudio

I have never received so much informative information in two e-mails. Okino has developed a very customer-effective instrument that convinces me.

Engineering Analyses & Solutions

You might be the single most honest businessman I have ever had the pleasure of dealing with.

Digital Igloo

I always do appreciate the well written responses. So rare for people to actually read an email completely never mind respond with careful thought.

Handicare, Netherlands

We just had the eureka moment after getting your detailed email! I would like to thank you very much for the more-than-excellent service provided.

NVision Animation

Your in-depth and thorough explanation/education was a joy to read. I truly enjoyed the education. The fact that you do answer direct questions individually is unique and uncommon. Nice!

Define - Design & Marketing GmbH

I'm just saying, Wow! Great support, even on the weekend and useful solutions that bring you even less business in the end. I've never experienced anything like that before!

Two West GmbH

I must say that I am always very impressed with your in-depth support. You really care about your clients and I wish that other companies would show the same dedication.

CTC Analytics AG

It's always a pleasure to contact you. The support of you and your team is simply outstanding!

TRUMPF Werkzeugmaschinen GmbH

Thank you very much for your help. I would be so glad if every software manufacturer had such proficient customer support.

Soko Design

You have the best customer service I've ever experienced by far.

Rescue 1 Studios

I am always impressed by your customer service! Thank you for being so helpful. I appreciate you always being willing to work with us and give us options.

The Hettema Group

Thanks again for always being available to field questions and supplying great information! Much appreciated!

Sandia National Labs

I appreciate all of the info & rapid responses. Outstanding support!

Seitwerk GmbH

Thank you very much for your dedicated help. It is a big plus to have someone really caring about his software and being so passionate about solving issues with it or to clarify misconceptions.

Great Scott Visuals

I appreciate that you do this customer satisfaction- it makes my opinion of your approach even higher than it already was after following your software for over 20 years.


Best customer service EVER. Bar none.

Energy Cool

It's an amazing service you offer, thank you very much - I'm proud to use your product several times a week.

EPIC Software

Your advice and help allowed us to get a handle on this monster, saved us hours of work, and the results will be something we will all be proud of. Thanks again for everything - you are the king of 3D File Formats! - I am truly humbled by your knowledge of 3D file formats.


Thank you again for your help, it's always reassuring to see that a product is well supported, and that there are people willing to put in the effort to solve difficult problems.

Don't Blink

You've been truly a god send. I'll use the best practices page as a bible for what I tell the clients once I find out what software they're using!


Your team is the best; you obviously care about your product and making sure the customer is happy. Thanks so much for you time investment in this model.

Link-Belt Cranes

All software deployment should include such excellent support.

Mettler-Toledo Safeline Limited

I have to admit you blow my mind with your explanations. You must be the worlds foremost expert at what you do as I doubt there is anyone more knowledgeable.


I'm extremely impressed by your customer service. I wish even 1 percent of all the software companies I ever have to deal with had the same approach as you.

Atlantis Cyberspace

Amazing emails....I do truly enjoy absorbing the amount of information you are putting in these! :)

JCB Training

Firstly thanks very much for your speedy reply and in depth information. Your customer service is second to none.

Space Exploration Engineering Corporation

By the way, I really appreciate your discussions on these things. It's way above and beyond the call of duty.


I appreciate your support, both in knowledge and in quick response. Rare these days.

EADS Deutschland GmbH

Thank you very much for our fast answer ! That's why I absolutely like your company, you have one of the fastest support systems :-)

Jeff Briant Motion Design Inc.

It's hard to find people that go out of their way to make sure that their customers/venders are happy and not just spending the most cash as possible.

Entech Instruments

Thank you for the in-depth tour of the 3D encoding landscape. I feel like I just received a free introductory college level course on the matter and I appreciate interacting with someone of a doctoral level when embarking in new territory. Again thank you very much for taking so much time to ensure we get what we need. I'm certain we'll be happy customers.


Thank you for the prompt and thorough customer support which is IMO the best support in the industry. You make transcoding files fun rather than the pain it once was.

Allergan Medical

The quick response is one of the things that makes you standout. Shows how much you are committed to your customers! I know I really appreciate it and I'm sure everyone else does as well.

Rushes, UK.

That's proper customer service the like of which I haven't seen in years!

Tracy Evans Productions

Well thank you again for all your help. Such impeccable customer service is so rarely experienced.

Laublab KG

What can I say .. WOW!!!!!! I can truly say this is the best very customer service I have ever experienced. You cannot imagine how happy you make us here.


Thanks a lot for your quick and very detailed reply. I am amazed at the time you have taken to educate me (a layman). I must say that I have many a time approached a company with a query, but never have I received a reply that advised me so well.

DiFACTO Robotics & Automation Pvt. Ltd.

To be honest with you we have never got such fast response from any company in the West that we have dealt with! That too on a weekend.

Deutschewerbewelt GmbH

Thank you very much for your helpful support and for your detailed explanations - this could not be taken for granted inside this business. I also do agree with your philosophy to sell the clients rather what they need than to comply uncritically with all their imprecise wishes.

Standard Aero

I appreciate all of your help in this matter. Customer Service unmatched by any other experience.

Meditech Communications Inc

I have to say, your personal attention to any issues is unprecedented, and highly commendable. It definitely sets you apart in my mind.

Construction Specialties, Inc.

There are way too many other people in the world who do nitpick over the fine print. It's a real breath of fresh air to engage with someone and a company who understands and empathizes with their customers! It's very, very much appreciated and will always be remembered!


Exceptional customer service as usual. Simply the best customer service I have had in a long time.

Daniel Moore

Your company stands in stark contrast to the overwhelming majority of others in it's thoughtful attention and responsiveness.

Polar Media

Why can't Autodesk be more like Okino...

JDP Media

That I could get this kind of response, at this level of detail - and this quickly - from a specialized company such as yours is simply astounding. I appreciate the help tremendously.

Cinema Suite Inc.

Wow, I don't know what to say, except thank you for the investment of time you made to work on this. Again, thank you for all the work and this crazy explanation. It really helps us out.

Image Engine

Awesome information. It is so refreshing communicating with a 'grown up'. I'm truly grateful for the amazing work you've done for so long to embrace the complexity of these problems and provide such valuable solutions. So many people are mesmerized by the 'magic' of modern software and computing and lose sight of the fact that behind every button there are thousands or tens of thousands of man hours .... and at the end of the day it is a handful of really really smart people like your team that are actually saving their proverbial asses again and again.

Miro Creative

Really appreciate your customer care - I've never met anything like that before to be honest.

UC Santa Barbara, College of Engineering

You guys rock!... you just need to sleep more!


Incredible Okino service - even at this timeofday!


As always your customer support is phenomenal :-)

Modus X

Wow, thank you so much for your professional instructions. This is the best support I have ever had by software-developer!

Studio Lex

You are too good to be true (after-sales-technical-speaking I mean...).

Inside Solutions AG

Outstanding presales process.

GRi Simulations

I'm always impressed with the speed and detail of your responses.

Timothy Nassauer

It's really rare to see someone take so much time to be thorough with potential customers.

3D Connection, Denmark

I'm very sincere when I say "it is always a pleasure doing business with you" The high quality of support and answers - be they long or not :-)

V Bros

First rate technical support. The ABSOLUTE BEST!!

Video Wisconsin

Our animation team wanted me to be sure to tell you that in all of our dealings with you and your company, they've been stellar.


Thanks for staying awake and the great support. You have a new customer for live for sure.

Ektoplasma GmbH

Your philosophy of working together is a real great inspiration. I am really very happy to have found you. You helped me out so many times.

Johnson Fitness & Wellness

It's great that there are folks like you out there that take the time to set the green horns of the industry (and from the sound of it, even veterans) straight. I enjoy reading the things you have to say on these topics.


If only Microsoft supported their products so well. I like your business model. It is much like my own.

Liquid Dots Animations

Thanks a lot for consulting and tips. It is uncommonness getting this great and intensive support from a software producer.

Bruker AXS, Inc

Thank you very much -- your attention to customer service is totally superior.

Clint Clemens Productions

Do you ever sleep or take a nap? :-) Never had such a support in my lifetime from any software vendor!

Signature Research

I admire the very "hands on" approach to your company. It seems to have become an increasingly rare attitude.


Once again thanks very much for your help, I'm very impressed by your level of personal engagement with your customers.

T3D Creative Studios

Excellent! Once again, thank you for the fabulous service! I still don't know how you keep the schedule you do, but it is always reassuring to know that you are there.

Subatomic Digital, Inc.

Awesome service as usual.. you rock!

Blend Studios

Thanks so much for your knowledge, time, and patience. I am constantly singing the praises of you, your software, and unmatched customer service to everyone in our industry... Truly second to none.

Dudes by Josh

Your speed, service and help is the BEST!!

Daniel Heyward

I have to tell you that your company has the best customer service of any company I have ever encountered and just wanted to thank you. I will recommend your software to anyone that will listen.

Medtronic, Inc.

As always, you amaze me with your speed.

Millennium Business Solutions India

I would also like to note that your CTO has provided OUTSTANDING help during our evaluation process. He is very responsive, knowledgeable and extremely helpful.


I thank you for your generosity of time and effort to see me through this problem. I assure you that your efforts have made me a very loyal customer.


Your support and speed is exceptional. I can honestly say I've never had a query dealt with in such an efficient and timely manner. Polytrans is clearly outstanding in it's field and I wouldn't hesitate to recommend it to my contacts in the commercial animation and games industry sectors, not least because of the commitment you've shown with your considered and expedited reply.

Amazing 3D Graphics, Inc.

I want to commend Okino's CTO for the personal service he has always given our company. Whenever we have had a problem, a specific need or a suggestion for PolyTrans he would always write some new code and email us the new files the next day or even work late to get them to us that same day. You don't see this type of service with many companies these days. It seems with most companies you get lost in voice messages to tech support, or wait a week just for a reply to a problem. Okino has always given us personal service beyond our expectations.

IDEOC Mediaworks

I could give you chapter and verse on the number of times I have sat waiting on the phone for some tech support guy to help me with a software that cost more than my sports car, only to wind up solving the problem myself while he sits and scours some "knowledge base" looking for the answer (a task I could have easily done myself without paying some ridiculous obligatory "subscription fee" or what-have-you). Your product does what it says and is a dream to use. And every time I have had to ask for your help, you have always been quick to respond. With useful information in a courteous manner. It's the latter part that, for me, goes a long way. Your responses are always very friendly. As a result, not only do I get the info I need, but I just enjoy reading your replies simply for their own sake.

Cinecraft Productions

And thank you for your outstanding Customer Support, the best I've dealt with.

JTM Concepts, Inc.

Once again, In my opinion, it appears that Okino has some of the best customer service in the industry!

JNS Digital

You REALLY need that Tahiti trip. Heck, send me and I will send you the photos. It must be the air up there that gives you super-human abilities. Very impressive. You have a new cheerleader.

Encompass Engineering

How do you have time to respond to everyone's email so quickly? I'm always impressed when I email Okino and it's you that replies. And I thought I worked a lot. I brag when I work 18 hrs. You're just getting warmed up by then.

Buzz 3D

Prior to my purchase of the PolyTrans software I was initially impressed with the Okino product support staff as they took the trouble to answer all of my queries with detailed technical analyses based on the problem at hand, and gave me the freedom to make a value-judgment as to whether or not PolyTrans was suitable for my use. This put Okino Computer Graphics way ahead of the competition, who either didn't respond in as technical a level as was required, or just didn't respond at all.

Ball Solutions Group

The speed of your support blows me away: if only all software companies could respond as quick as you guys!

Gerber Grafix

You continue to dazzle me with your patience and responsiveness, year after year.


Over the course of my career I've dealt with dozens (and dozens) of technical support departments. As I've primarily been in a production role, I've required very quick responses, intelligent thinking and problem solving, and efficient solutions -- unfortunately all too often I have not gotten the support needed in a timely or thoughtful manner (if I got any support at all...). Okino's support, on the other hand has quite frankly been amazing. I take my hat off to Okino and their CTO for setting the standard by which all technical support should be judged. (Note, I take great pleasure in telling this story to other tech support departments while they are humming and hawing and wasting my time :)

Kan-Pak, LLC

I have been working with a lot of hardware and software companies, and their multitude of associated technical support personnel, for about ten years now. The technical support I have received from Okino Computer Graphics two has been amazing, to say the least.

I am convinced that Okino's CTO is not a real person, but is in fact a piece of next-generation Expert A.I. software running on a server somewhere. I'm mostly notifying you of His existence, because although He has been exceedingly helpful to me, I fear He might get bored. He has been replying to my e-mailed pleas for help with much greater speed and accuracy than any human being I've ever been on the phone with, and I am concerned that simply helping those of us who are befuddled by the finer points of PolyTrans may not be occupying enough of His CPU cycles. I'm afraid He might decide to take over the world or something!

If I am wrong, though I very much doubt that I am, and Okino's CTO is indeed a real flesh and blood person, then he is absolutely the most efficient and reliably accurate tech-support expert I've ever encountered.

Congratulations, Okino Computer Graphics, on developing the most advanced A.I. on the planet, or having the best tech support on the planet, or whatever...

Arrow 58 Testimonials Relating To Our PolyTrans & NuGraf Software Products

NASA/Ames Research Center, FutureFlight Central.

We purchased PolyTrans and used it for 3D data conversion and optimization of datasets created for the NASA space program (Mars exploration rover mission). It is fantastic software. My colleagues at another NASA center spent days using three software packages on what took me minutes using PolyTrans alone (polygon reduction in batch mode worked like a charm). I just wanted to thank you for creating such a great tool.

University of Queensland's Advanced Computational Modelling Centre.

I very rarely praise a piece of software but PolyTrans is nothing short of excellent and is the most used piece of software in our department. It is generally accepted within the modelling and graphics team that PolyTrans greatly improves our work flow and efficiency particularly with the seemless PolyTrans-for-Maya plugin and the accurate conversion from one format to another in either graphics or geometry. We would be lost without it.

After the Flood Studios

Frakkin love your software - why didn't you tell me it was this awesome!!! I have been doing CAD with pain for years!!!

Mattel & Fischer-Price (USA)

We love and use your software on daily basis!
(for ProE/Creo to Maya conversions)

Pitney Bowes Enterprise

I have used this software for several years with a couple of different companies. It is by far the best conversion software I have ever used.


Your "one size fits all" polygon reduction solution is the best I've ever seen, and I'm not kidding. It's fast and it doesn't do obviously stupid things, which is more than I can say for any other software I've tried over the years. So, well done on that. I mean it.

Globus Medical

Amazing software, unparalleled [for ProE/Creo to Maya conversions. ]


I used the PolyTrans-for-Maya plugin today for the first time and I must say, it's by far the best conversion tool I've ever used! The DWFx file we have been fighting with for DAYS imported cleanly in less than a minute! Very impressed.

D.J. Films-Multimedia, Inc.

Many thanks for bringing me out of my darkness into your light :-) You deserve much more feedback from your users. Your conversions work flawlessly, making work in the trenches less arduous.

Applied Research Associates Inc.

When they say they set the standard for conversion between visualization packages it is not an idle boast. In my more than 10 years in the 3D visualization business I have come to depend on Okino for their technical excellence and outstanding customer service. If you're not using their products your doing things the hard way.

MWPowerLab srl

I can see the differences. Your software compare to other "cad conversion" software are on another level. I have more than 15 years of experience in computer sience/CAD/3DRealtime field and I never seen a product like your software.

Industrial 3D

Industrial 3D was provided a huge 3D dataset of an oil drilling rig created in SolidWorks. They used Okino's SolidWorks to 3ds Max conversion pipeline to perform this job quickly and with little user involvement. "The SolidWorks model was huge but it only took PolyTrans-for-3dsMax a few minutes to open and convert. It turned out great and worked beautifully."

Eastern Iowa Community Colleges

In the decade and a half that I have been doing this type of work, Okino has been the ONLY provider of software that does all that you have described (and more)! Many others (some far more costly) claim but do not deliver, and certainly do not consistently support new releases of CAD and 3D modelling software as they are released. The export capabilities added by Okino to 3ds Max alone are not only amazing, but they provide an incredible amount of interoperability between dissimilar 3D software packages, and significantly enhance cross platform work group productivity.


Still your biggest fan (I use polytrans on basically every single project we have - makes my working live so much easier).


This is the first time ever to get an email directly from a developer (and we have A LOT of software). And this is really nice of you. And further more your program is fantastic!! It never fails on me. And the deeper you dig in to it the more fantastic it gets.

The Media Jungle

This software is invaluable in my animation business so many thnaks for what is a truly excellent product.

SeeScan Inc.

I have meant to reach out to let you know how well your software has been working for us so let me take this opportunity. Our conversions (as you already know) are flawless. Product renders look so real that folks have difficulty accepting that they are not photos. I recently completed our first ever animation-based video and it turned out quite well. My career has taken a new and challenging direction - Thank You!"

Bundeswehr University Munich

Thank you very much for the quick, detailed and very helpful answer. We are very happy to have purchased PolyTrans. The support is incredibly good, you don't often find that anymore, I can only recommend it. Many thanks also for the insights into the world of computer graphics. With this knowledge it has become much easier to understand the problems and above all the causes of the problems.

V! Studios

You have created a wonderful set of products/plugins and I tout you whenever I can. Your level of customer service is stellar!

D.J. Films-Multimedia, Inc.

First of all, many thanks for your highly-detailed reply. Your marvellous software did ride to the rescue when I bought it. I converted engineering files from a client and they flawlessly imported into Cinema-4D for an animation.


I am profoundly impressed with PolyTrans, and often tell people what great software it is. Through my colleagues I knew of your reputation for stellar customer assistance long before my employers purchased it here.

Insight Numerics

It's extremely impressive - not just how fast it is, but the accuracy of the rendering and its reliability.


The DWF 3D importer in PolyTrans is amazing and incredible fast regarding export/import time. I tested a 700 mb Naviswork file. The export time is about 1min (compared to the Autodesk FBX export from Navisworks which took a couple of hours, and the fact that you also have to split the file in a couple of FBX files).

Your product has been a blessing...saving us weeks of time!

Stormer Creative

This model is SO incredibly cleaner than the conversion I had done. Amazing piece of software you've got!


You're software is really great and flexible and each time I use it I learn a little more.

Bumba Animation & Design

I am absolutly amazed of the speed of your PolyTrans-for-Maya plugin import of Autodesk Inventor files. Works faaaaaast !!!


Thanks again for making the best conversion software around!

Joel Weiss

I've been sending Okino-converted Sketchup to DWG files to a few colleagues. They are stunned by the performance improvement in Autocad. One guy almost cried.

Conteg, spol. s.r.o

I am speechless. Our previous conversion method, with IGES, was a 500 MB monster file and that took about 20 minutes to open, several minutes of exporting and it threw an error. Now there is a 16 MB SolidWorks file, opened in 20 seconds, exported in 2 seconds. And everything opens in Cinema-4D as it should. Wow.

The Media Jungle Pty Ltd

I use PolyTrans on pretty much every project I work on so thanks you for such a great product.

Talking Heads Creative Communications

I do find your product an invaluable tool for speeding up my workflow. As such I do recommend it to anyone who has similar requirements. Kreativagentur GmbH

PolyTrans is truly the gold standard in CAD conversion.

The Integer Group

LOVE, LOVE, LOVE your software! Thanks!

AlloCon Med GmbH

What should I say - it works great - everything looks fine. I'd like to thank you once more for your support & patience during the last few days - your product is great!

Amazing 3D Graphics, Inc.

Most of our clients that we build 3D models for are all working in different software packages, different environments and even different operating systems so we need to be able to provide them with a 3D model that is not only going to work in their environment or with their particular operating system, but is going to look good as well. PolyTrans has always been a surprisingly accurate 3D model converter and produces great looking models in many different file formats. We use PolyTrans several times a day and our company couldn't function without it. It is one of the most valuable tools we have and we are very happy with the performance of this software. We think PolyTrans is the best 3D file converter out there and we hope to see more great improvements in the near future.


PolyTrans does the work of dozens of software packages, and completes the job of file I/O faster and with more data preserved between formats than any of the much more expensive "native" softwares can manage. This has saved me many thousands of dollars in software expense and hundreds of working hours in replicating or reconstructing the work of others. The value of this is immense. PolyTrans is also a true "workhorse" application; I've used it frequently on very large files and PolyTrans has not choked, crashed, or needed to be reinstalled in three hard years, and this is on a Macintosh in VirtualPC. This software has become the indispensable hub of my daily work, and allowed me to concentrate on the creative task at hand.

Applied Research Associates Inc.

In my more than 10 years in the 3D visualization business I have come to depend on Okino for their technical excellence and outstanding customer service. When they say they 'set the standard for conversion between visualization packages' it is not an idle boast. If you are not using their products today then you are doing things the hard way!

EPIC Software Group

We have been using PolyTrans-for-3ds-Max for well over a decade now. Two days before Christmas a large engineering contracted us to animate an absolutely gargantuan oil refinery modeled in AutoCAD and Navisworks We could not open it, far less convert it and do animation without the computer crashing. We contacted Okino's CTO who analyzed and worked on it for 2 days, returning it to us on Christmas eve as a fully optimized 3ds Max scene that we could manipulate in real time, and instructions on how to repeat the process ourselves! And at what cost? None, other than to upgrade to the newest software release. Needless to say Okino now has a customer for life. While their software is great, their customer service is unbelievable!

Suur Graphics

As a technical 3D illustrator and animator I often work with different applications and found out that Okino's PolyTrans-for-Maya made it easy to exchange data between them. I often have to integrate files together in Maya from such programs as One Space Designer, AutoCAD, SolidWorks and Rhino. Okino's PolyTrans-for-Maya + CAD converters were the solution for effortless translation of all this data into Maya. Spending less time for converting the data meant that I could pay more attention to the final image.

Intel Labs

Intel Labs was faced with the difficult task of getting a very complex scene into Maya quickly and accurately for rendering, including morphing, running robotic characters, textured and animated toys, and camera tracking. Okino worked with us to show how their PolyTrans-for-Maya software could provide the lengthy conversion as an automatic 'one button press' process, resulting in a fully animated and textured Maya scene.

Crystal Sensations

I was under a tremendous customer imposed deadline but needed assistance in getting their CAD data out to our 3D crystal etching machine. We were using Maya to compose existing car CAD data with our own data, yet something was not correct. We could not go back to the car manufacturer to ask for updated and cleaner CAD data. I contacted Okino and had a personal discussion with their CTO. By 5pm he had determined that some of the NURBS surface uv-space trim curves were looping back on themselves (illegal). He also tested and proved a conversion pipeline which would work for me, knowing and understanding that I was under a tight deadline. With the quick installation of PolyTrans and their Granite/Pack solution, I was able to import the final assembly as IGES, have all the data cleaned up and sewn, then re-exported to our 3D crystal etching machine as STL. The software worked like a charm! No problems at all. I was able to get all my data out of Maya (as IGES) and into PolyTrans just fine. I don't think I would have been able to complete the project without your software. Thanks again for all your dedicated efforts and expertise.


I bought Okino's NuGraf earlier this year to do some SolidWorks conversions to OpenFlight. The SolidWorks assembly files were so big that converting the entire model resulted in a 680MB .flt file, which was too big for my little 1GB RAM computer. However, by selecting parts of the model with NuGraf's hierarchy tree, I was able to break up the model into smaller parts that I was then able to convert to OpenFlight and view correctly in Presagis Creator.

Colt Defence LLC

I just wanted to share with you how well your product has worked for us. I completed the first rendition of our animation in LightWave of an imported ProE/Creo assembly and it was a huge success. Once we had the proper options set up on the Okino native Creo importer, every detailed part of the assembly came in with perfect clarity - not a single visual polygonal defect. I was able to make such intricate movements with the imported Pro/E model - it really brought the animation to life! Now that our models are in LightWave, the possibilities are endless.. Thanks for developing such a great translator, and for all your support!

Continuum Dynamics, Inc.

Once again, PolyTrans to the rescue! We had some geometry in a third-party CAD package that we were trying to output to *.STL format for a rapid prototyper to make some parts, and they came back to us and said their software had problems with the .stl files we had sent them. Then I used PolyTrans, checked the appropriate option boxes, and a perfect *.STL version of the geometry resulted. The fabrication house is happy and our parts are on their way.

Exploration Place, Digital Design Studio

PolyTrans works so well - I almost wet my pants! Your support is above and beyond my wildest expectations. My highest Regards to you and your company.

IDEOC Mediaworks

The money I spent on PolyTrans has once again proven to be beyond worth it. I know I've written back to you before with these glowing praises when I've had to impose on your time, but when I think of all the hassle I go through with other software companies on products that cost me considerably more, it renews my faith when I'm given the courtesy and expediency of service that you provide with your product. Not to mention the true quality of the product itself. I don't mind telling you that it is such a staple in my arsenal, that I quite frankly don't know what I'd do without it. It has bailed me out so many times I can't tell you. And I'm always finding new ways of exploiting it to get the job done.

Bath Iron Works

Okino's PolyTrans provided the optimal CAD conversion solution with their PolyTrans-for-Max bridge. I was able to take the output from Delmia V5 and run it thru not only the translation engine in PolyTrans, but also the hierarchy and parts count optimizer that created direct, useable geometry datasets. I have found that using PolyTrans has enabled me to create optimal models for use in marketing graphics/animations and high-end renderings. The level of detail and control I have over the translation process provides the ability to refine the translation and create larger models on the 3ds Max end, and create more stunning views. I would not have been able to create complex images without the polygonal reduction and geometry optimization tools built into PolyTrans. I have since used PolyTrans-for-Max on every project I have worked on dealing with data from other 3D geometry sources. Thanks go to Okino and PolyTrans for helping me to transform the CAD data I needed in an efficient and quality manner

NASA, Goddard Space Flight Center

PolyTrans lets us, in our support of NASA, simplify our spacecraft models as we wish instead of having to depend on the mechanical engineers that built the model. We're using these spacecraft models for antenna analysis and we don't need every single nut and bolt or any parts that won't effect the antenna. The smaller the model size the faster our simulation will run. Your product helps us tremendously. There is no standard at NASA for the CAD utility creating spacecraft, so we need to be able to work with many different formats. Before PolyTrans there where many formats I couldn't translate, so the mission would have to build a mock-up for testing or go without a good understanding of their antenna's performance. Now we can use the CAD models to simulate the antenna on the spacecraft early enough in the spacecraft's design stage to optimize it's location.

Northrop Grumman

I can't tell you how excited we are about NuGraf! This is going to save us so much time. What an awesome translator. I'm in love with it and I've only just begun to scratch the surface.


I know your web site tells me that I should take Okino's wonderful responsiveness for granted and think nothing of it. However, that is hard to do. Your willingness to quickly jump on my requests not only clears an obstacle from my path, but it also communicates that Okino is committed to not just selling a nice product at a fair price (it is a wonderful product) but to having customers be successful.

UCSB College of Engineering

I have previously thought that translation programs for any software were luxuries not necessities, but lately I must tell you that PolyTrans-for-Maya has enabled me to utilize the growing 3D market place and produce output quicker, and to boot, it looks better. I had to produce a virtual office space for a professor here on campus and though it is in very early stages this would have taken me a while to model everything from scratch in Maya... Instead I was able to use existing models I had from CD's that previously I would not have had the software to open. A great lesson for the students as well.

John Deere Waterloo Works

I just want to say I have always been thrilled with all of the help I have received from you, and that I have no complaints with PolyTrans, without it we would not be able to create the animations that we do. Thank you for your time and effort.


A marketing firm contacted me with an engineering client who had just developed a new tabletop spectrometer. After a few exploratory calls I learned of PolyTrans and wrote for more information. After the initial purchase of PolyTrans with the CAD module, Okino's CTO worked closely with me developing a "custom" solution for the specific task that lie ahead.

PolyTrans was indispensable. After trying a direct 3D file import through two other leading applications, PolyTrans produced the highest-quality results with the most control over surfacing, smoothness, and tessellation. Without PolyTrans I would not have been able to meet the tight timeline.


We, from Animagraph in Brazil, would like to thank you all for the more-than-professional way of treating your customers. Despite all of our requests, most of them kinda weird, you were able to answer promptly and kindly, making possible for us to accomplish our job just in time. We felt really happy doing business with Okino! NuGraf is stable, full of options, flexible and gives precise and predictable results. This is quality software and customer service beyond our best expectations.

Peter-Josesph Kovach

PolyTrans is 'the' premiere 3D conversion tool available today. Although there have certainly been many 3D format converters in the past, and more and more are available each year, PolyTrans is the first to achieve a broad range coverage of all of the popular formats and achieve perfect conversion capability between all aspects of these formats.

When I have asked other manufacturers of conversion tools why they cannot handle animation information, their comment has often been 'it is too difficult'. PolyTrans conversion of animation data is beautiful. The time savings achieved with this feature alone should make it well worth the low cost to any serious game developers.

A final aspect of this tool is the incredible depth of the software, If you are at all familiar with the complexity of many file formats, and the odd intricacies of them, you should greatly appreciate the time required to create a tool of this capability/magnitude. Even more impressive is the speed in which Okino Computer Graphics can add a feature and thoroughly test it when it is requested by users and found to be a broad need in the market.

This product produces truly gorgeous results! If you have an object you love in one format, you will be able to have it in many more formats the same day you buy this tool.

Buzz 3D

I have been one of the more ardent users of Okino's LightWave import and export converters for over 20 years. For those not aware of the finer points of the LightWave file formats, they are quite verbose and riddled with complexities that make simple, clean and dependable file format conversion non-trivial. As an early adopter of Okino's LightWave import and export converters, I have seen them mature to a very stable state in a short period of time. My comments have been addressed and implemented in a timely matter by Okino's CTO. I primarily use PolyTrans to convert LightWave scene and model files into 3ds Max for further processing prior to exporting to our 3D world databases. Having PolyTrans in our toolbox has enabled our artists to avoid the need for an excessive degree of retraining, allowing them to retain their preferred LightWave platform for content production in the knowledge our models will be preserved throughout the conversion process.

Prior to my purchase of the PolyTrans software I was initially impressed with the Okino product support staff as they took the trouble to answer all of my queries with detailed technical analyses based on the problem at hand, and gave me the freedom to make a value-judgment as to whether or not PolyTrans was suitable for my use. This put Okino Computer Graphics way ahead of the competition, who either didn't respond in as technical a level as was required, or just didn't respond at all.

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