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Compared to most 3D companies, Okino does not try to blindly sell a "one size fits all" software product. Rather, our software is best tailored (via specific modules + suggestions on how to use the software) for each of our new or existing customers based on their current 3D conversion requirements and/or set of conversion problems that need to be resolved. If you are new to Okino then please send a quick email to Robert Lansdale (our CTO), with a short description of what problems or requirements you have today, and Robert will explain the exact software solution you may need.

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Arrow Okino Software Products for 3D Conversion, Optimization & Reduction

PolyTrans|CAD+DCC 3D Translation,
Viewing & Data Optimization System
Import, Export and Batch Convert 3D
CAD+DCC+Animation+VR/AR Data.
An Industry Standard! A subset of NuGraf.
(Windows: $395 and up)
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NuGraf 3D Translation, Rendering,
Viewing & Data Optimization System
A Fuller User Interface Experience
When More Hand's-On Control
& Model Manipulation Is Desired
(Windows: $495 and up)
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Cinema 4D
The Primary CAD & DCC
Conversion System for
CINEMA-4D & C4D Files
3ds Max
Native Version of Okino's
PolyTrans 3D Converters
for Autodesk's 3ds Max
Native Version of Okino's
PolyTrans 3D Converters
for Autodesk's Maya
Twinned together, the 3ds Max and Maya native plug-in versions of PolyTrans provide
the most refined bidirectional 3ds Max/Maya conversions as well as
native conversions for CINEMA-4D, LightWave and dozens more.

NuGraf is Okino's primary software product. For $100 extra it contains all the functionality of the stand-alone PolyTrans program in addition to a fuller & more accessible user interface, material & texture editing, multi-threaded ray tracing, interactive texture projections and much more. NuGraf is better suited for dealing with larger files and/or with more interaction with your 3D data. It is the preferred solution unless you only need to run PolyTrans inside of 3ds Max or Maya.

PLEASE NOTE! PolyTrans and the NuGraf are exactly the same program internally (they share the same source code and are nearly identical executable images). Technically, the stand-alone PolyTrans program is the 'beginner mode' of its elder NuGraf brother. When you purchase NuGraf you do not have to install PolyTrans. PolyTrans was intentionally designed to be a simpler-to-use program in which you would execute it, perform some quick 3D translations and exit. On the other hand, NuGraf was designed to be a program in which you would spend more quality time with the 3D model(s) in question. As such, NuGraf is the preferred product even if you have come to our WEB site to purchase PolyTrans.